Calor Gas – Customer Delivery Update – March 2018

If you are one of the many of thousands of Home Bulk Tank LPG customers now being impacted by Calor’s on-going delivery problems, please find below a copy of their latest Customer Delivery Update.

From the number of calls being received by LPG-Save, we are very aware that there are now a significant number of customers either out of gas or running extremely low on gas. If you are vulnerable or require assistance, please do continue to call Calor in order to ensure a speedy resolution to your situation.

Should you wish to discuss your Home Bulk Tank LPG supply together with the opportunity to switch to a better, lower cost Home Bulk Tank LPG supplier, please do call or email us on 0800 043 6100 or

Calor Gas – Customer Delivery Update – March 2018

Although we are aware of the weather warnings in place for parts of the UK this weekend; our drivers and distribution depots are planning to operate extended delivery times and make deliveries throughout Saturday and Sunday wherever it is safe to do so. We are extremely sorry if you have been affected by the delivery backlog to our bulk LPG customers, and assure you that our delivery drivers, distribution depots and customer service teams are all working very hard to clear the backlog and get gas to those affected as quickly as possible.

Due to the increased call volumes, you may have experienced slower-than-normal response times at our call centres. We have drafted in extra staff to help with this. We will also continue to update this delivery update page regularly to keep customers informed.

This backlog is a direct result of significant disruption to the supply of LPG from UK refineries; which affected the whole industry. This was further exacerbated by the recent extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, this means that some customers are experiencing lower than normal gas levels, and some customers have run out of gas. We apologise unreservedly for this.

Understandably, we are prioritising those customers who are without gas altogether, or running extremely low, including those who are most vulnerable and need urgent assistance.

We are continuing every effort to work through and reduce the delivery backlog. Some depots are more affected than others, so we are allocating our delivery fleet to the most affected areas to cope with extreme demand and to improve the situation as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we are advising customers to use gas sparingly to prevent tanks from emptying before we can deliver. We recognise that this may cause problems, and we will keep you up-to-date as circumstances change and improve, but in the meantime, please do place your orders before your tank volume has reached 25% gas remaining; and please be aware that our usual delivery times are longer than normal during this period. We hope to return to our normal delivery service in the next few weeks.



  • Catherine says:

    On automatic top-up, no gas since Friday, was away over the weekend, my son and grandchildren were in the house all weekend with no heating or hot water, they thought it was an issue with the boiler , having paid for an emergency plumber today only to find out we have no gas. Told by customer service that a letter was sent to us on Friday, what use is that they must have known for weeks we were running out. I will change supplier

    • Martyn says:

      Yes we are in the same boat being to told could be in the next 14 days and I have been chasing for 10 days definitely will be changing suppliers

  • Frank James says:

    We ran out on Sunday 18th. I’m sure their phone line isn’t manned until 9am. Although on Monday it took until 4pm to actually speak to anyone – it would seem that he did nothing about it! Today, they say delivery is scheduled for today. I hope so!

  • Allan says:

    I ordered a 75% top up but only had 20% delivered, no email to say when the shortfall would be delivered!!
    Customer services take nearly 30min to answer calls, terrible service
    Eventually got through, they had to put another order in manually with a 14day delivery.
    Seems their in chaos with the situation

  • Deol says:

    Calor a waste of time.. same problems every year

  • Alan says:

    As a Calor customer for 23 years, I would have expected some form of direct communication – email, phone message or letter – to alert me to their supply problem. How much effort would it have taken to send a single timely email to all customers?! Completely unacceptable customer service. Shame on the senior management at Calor and its SHV parent.

    Consequently, I am now seeking quotes from alternative suppliers.

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